Keystone STARS is a quality rating system developed by the Department of Education. It was founded to ensure that your child has the best possible early education to help them excel in the future. The Creative Learning Center is proud to have its own set of Keystone STARS. We work hard each day to ensure your child has the best chance to grow and establish skills they will use in life. Learn more about Keystone STARS here:

What To Know About Keystone STARS 1
What does it mean? STARS is short for Standards, Training/Professional Development, Assistance, Resources, and Supports.

What To Know About Keystone STARS 2
How many STARS exist? Any participating programs can start with STAR 1. They can build their standards up to the highest star, STAR 4. The STARS are based off of the staff’s education, the environment the children are learning in, how the leaders manage the programs, and the family and community partnerships.

What To Know About Keystone STARS 3
What to look for in a Keystone STARS participant? The learning center or pre-school will offer safe, comfortable rooms, and have plenty of space for the child to move around. Teachers adapt and learn ways to help each child thrive in their environment. There is plenty of educational subjects and activities to choose from including music, science, and art. Parents are kept up-to-date on their child’s development and are encouraged to participate in the program whenever possible.

What To Know About Keystone STARS 4
What To Know About Keystone STARS 5