Just as all things come in waves, the same goes for teaching methods. If you are looking for a new style to possibly try with a new class, then perhaps the Montessori Method is up your alley.

How Does it work?

As a growing trend in the classroom, the Montessori Education method might be something to implement with your course. Developed over a century ago via Dr. Maria Montessori, this style of teaching is focused on child-led activities in an effort to develop a sense of independence. By treating these activities as work, students are able to learn about things that they are interested in, which leads to a grown desire to learn and be involved more socially. In turn, each student is treated as a unique individual, with all of their needs kept in mind, not just their performance in the classroom.

How can I apply it to my class?

Ways you can implement the Montessori Method include adding groups for students to take part in throughout the day, which educators can then visit rather than stay at the head of the room. It is important to remember that not all teaching methods work for either the educator or the classroom. A trial-and-error period might be needed to figure out if the Montessori Method is right for you and your students. 

What is Montessori Education? 1

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