School’s out for summer and many parents are left without ideas on how to keep their kids entertained. Thankfully, Creative Learning Center is here to help them keep learning while you’re at work, but after work what can you do? Here are some fun summer activities for kids!

Summer Activities for Kids and Parents

  1. Bike rides. Take your kids out for a fun bike ride, either near your house, or if the kids are older, take them on a bike trail. Since it’s a hot summer day, make sure to bring water!
  2. Make ice cream. A fun activity that should have adult supervision, making ice cream is surprisingly simple and a great weekend project!
  3. Have a picnic at a local or state park. Getting kids together for a picnic at a local or state park can be a fun group activity. Just make sure to find some shade!
  4. Sidewalk chalk murals. Get some fun colored chalk for your kids and you can create some really fun chalk murals and designs.
Summer Activities

5. Stargazing. Did you know that there are many designated dark sky parks around the country? These parks are far from civilization and with low light pollution, allowing the magic of the milky way to show itself to wondering eyes!

6. Check out the local county fair. Most cities around us will have some sort of carnival or county fair happening during summer, which will definitely delight your kids.

7. Camping. Whether it’s band camp, a sports camp, a staycation in your backyard, or a getaway to a state park, camping is one of the best ways to get out into nature and have some good old family bonding.

8. Visit your local library. The library has more than just books for children. Many of them have other activities, programs, and toys designed for each age. They also offer audiobooks and educational computer games!

9. Plant flowers or vegetables. Use the summer to teach your kids how to plant! Plant flowers or vegetables in your flower bed or in a pot by your home. They can water it every day and watch them bloom.

10. Visit your local lake or beach. Try searching for nearby lakes or beaches. Make it a day trip if you need to. It is a fun, cheap way to create summer memories with your kids. Pack a lunch and find a good spot!

11. Go to the movies. Find a family movie to see together, one that will incorporate all ages. Getting tickets online, ahead of time, will save time and energy once you get to the theater!

12. Fly a kite. Pick a clear area to run and fly a kite of your choice. Flying a kite teaches your kids patience and coordination. A plus is that they are pretty to watch high in the sky, with a bright sun, during a fun summer day!