Who else has heard the term “April showers bring May flowers?” We’ve been seeing quite a few rainy days already this year. On top of those rainy days, the recent Stay Home order has made entertaining the little ones a little tricky. You’re not alone! Many parents are starting to run out of ideas now that school is out for an unknown amount of time. Here are a few ways you can entertain your kids during these upcoming days. Plus, you’ll be able to entertain yourself, too! A win-win! Here are some How-To steps for you!

Rainy Day Activities For Kids 1
Yoga: If you’re looking for a new form of exercise for your little one, try some yoga. Not only does it get out some energy, but it will help teach them balance, patience, and mindfulness.

Rainy Day Activities For Kids 2
Refrigerator Magnets: Staring at a book or a paper can get boring after a while for an active little mind. Get some refrigerator magnets with the alphabet, numbers, animals, etc. to continue their learning. You can be teaching your child while making their lunch, or letting them burn some energy just being up and moving around.

Rainy Day Activities For Kids 3
Board Games: There are so many games out there for kids that are great for one-on-one or the whole family. These games will engage the child’s mind when they’re solving puzzles, using math, vocabulary, and more.

Rainy Day Activities For Kids 4
Glow-In-The-Dark Egg Hunt: Plastic eggs are not just for Easter! Put little glow sticks into the plastic eggs, and hide them around your living room, basement, or playroom. Turn out the lights, and have your little ones search for the eggs! Make it a contest. Whoever finds the most eggs gets to pick the next movie or can win a prize!

Rainy Day Activities For Kids 5
Jello Digging: This one is going to get messy and needs some prep work, but it’s so much fun! Babies and young children are still learning how to be a little human. Everything they touch, smell, hear, and see is something new and exciting. Add some toys like dinosaurs, strings of large beads, cars, or anything else your child can grip into a large container of jello. All of their sensors will be engaged with this little activity, and they’ll get a tasty treat.