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I love this center for my children. My boys are thriving and learning so much! The directors and teachers are also very responsive and kind. A great facility for any children to attend!

Destiny B.

We love the teachers and support staff at CLC. We were happy to make the move when we did. Our daughter will be graduating from kindergarten in a few weeks, but will return for after care!!!

M. N.

My children have all attended CLC FOR 3 years now. I couldn’t be happier. I love the staff and the management is amazing. They really leave you feeling at peace when you drop off your child every day. Would highly recommend!!

Amy R.

So glad we chose CLC over Goddard. The staff is great and we couldn’t be happier with the level of attentiveness the staff gives.

Robert J.

My son is a student there he is a such a happy child he comes home happy and he likes going in

Stephanie F.

We love miss zady she really puts in alot of effort for are kids.. Best daycare so far 😍

Kassandra H.

Tamara and her staff have worked tirelessly with Natalie each and every day through her best days and the days when she is at her worst. In each instance, we have been shown great professionalism in their relationships with Natalie. Tamara has a close connection with her teachers and is highly respected and it shows in all she does. She always has an open-door policy and has even listened and offered advice for my older son who has autism. She not only cares about our daughter but is there to lend an ear to our whole family.

Leigh Ann

I hadn’t even toured the facility yet, but I knew in the first few minutes of my phone call with her that that was where my child was going. There was such spark and enthusiasm in her voice when it came to talking about the children and I found her to be very knowledgeable regarding early childhood education. She presented me with informcltion I hadn’t given any thought to.