Pre-K 1 Montessori

Preschool Program

Pre-K 1 (2 1/2 – 3 1/2 year olds)

Preschool and Pre K Readiness is what you will observe in these rooms. These large, bright rooms have creative art from all children posted all over the walls. You will observe the teachers guiding, observing and evaluating your child’s development as all children are working at their own pace based on each individual child’s needs and abilities while continuing to utilize the Montessori Theory.

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Pre-K1 Room 1

Learning Centers

The Centers are full of work carefully chosen to develop your child’s mind with centers accommodating language, Math, Science, Reading, Art, Dramatic Play and Computer Instruction. These Centers will allow:

  • Self-help skills develop as they are challenged by the work each day.
  • Self confidence flourishes as they are able to work independently.

  • Creativity and individuality is greatly encouraged.

  • Academics are integrated through the arts, allowing for multiple means of learning.

  • Skills will be transferred and developed through each stage of each classroom in letter recognition, number recognition, handwriting, math skills, reading, etc.

  • Students will learn and expand on team building skills.

  • Social skills expand as they learn to work appropriately together with their peers and teachers.

  • Students learn multiple languages such as Spanish and Sign Language along with English language skills.

  • Families are provided many opportunities to participate with their child’s classroom and education.

  • Students learn life skills such as planting, pet care (class pet) and cleaning up after themselves.

  • Observations and Evaluations of each child with (2) Parent Teacher Conferences a year.

  • Electronic Reports are sent daily through the HiMama App.

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The things your child learns now will stay with them for years to come. The Creative Learning Center has the tools, teachers, and programs to give your child everything they need to succeed.

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