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Toddler Child Care

Toddler Care Childcare age 2

Toddlers are exciting! They come to our toddler room walking, making exciting developmental strides everyday from first words to potty training. Their world is full of new beginnings, creative art and learning centers for explorations of the world around them as they continue to learn Montessori Theory.

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Older Toddler Room 1

You Will Observe

  • Creative Art
  • Science activities
  • Math activities

  • Dramatic play

  • Music

  • Fine motor and gross motor skills

  • Learned writing skills

  • Learned self help skills, such as hand writing, dressing, respect of toys, cleaning up after themselves, feeding themselves… to name a few.

  • Recognition of letters, numbers and shapes.

  • Teachers working very hard to potty train.

  • Outdoor time in our spacious playground daily, weather permitting.

  • Observation and Evaluations on each child including 2 Parent Teacher Conferences a year.

  • Electronic Reports are sent daily through the HiMama App.

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The things your child learns now will stay with them for years to come. The Creative Learning Center has the tools, teachers, and programs to give your child everything they need to succeed.

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