Our 2021 Wrap-Up 1

What We Learned In 2021

In 2021 we learned how indispensable childcare centers and education centers like the Creative Learning Center are to families. As the world opens up again and we make a steady return to normal, we know parents need the support that we offer. With schools opening and many students struggling with distance learning in the past year, a before and after school program is more crucial than ever. Because of this opportunity, we were proud to introduce the Pre-K Counts program that gives a safe, healthy, and quality learning environment to 3 and 4-year-old children in at-risk situations. Don’t take a chance with your child’s education! Get a head start or reinforce in-school learning with our help!

Looking Onward to 2022

We look forward to a full return to normal in 2022 and toward a growing industry and renewed demand in early childhood learning, with our constantly evolving curriculum to help enrich learning in our students at all levels. It is our goal to continue using the Montessori Method to encourage each child to learn at their own pace and build self-esteem for lifelong learning skills.

Thank you to our staff, teachers, and the kids who allow us to keep making the world a better place through educating the next generation! We look forward to continuing our classes and giving your child everything they need to succeed along with a safe, healthy environment to explore and learn!