Has there ever been a field trip you went on in school that just stuck with you? It was so beautiful that even as an adult, you remember that experience (mine’s Gettysburg, 4th grade). No doubt, you want your child to have their own adventure like that. Unfortunately, visiting the British Museum and the San Diego Zoo on the same day is just not feasible. While nothing will beat physically going to the location, there is a way to experience several places around the world from the comfort of your own home. Your child can learn about so many different places, cultures, plants, animals, and so much more! What’s even better is your favorite locations can help dictate future vacations to see them physically. Here are just a few places you and your children can experience right now!

Google Arts & Culture: Have you ever wanted to visit the museum, but you’re not sure which to choose? Now you have at least 500 different museums to choose from with thousands of collections to experience. Try out a scavenger hunt in London with the British Museum, check out the National Quilt Museum in Kentucky, gaze upon the Uffizi Gallery in Italy, and so much more!

art museum

San Diego Zoo: Do your little ones love seeing what the animals like doing? The San Diego Zoo has multiple live cameras to watch all kinds of animals like hippos, penguins, tigers, elephants, koalas, and more! You can see what each one of these creatures is up to in their day to day lives. What’s even better is you’ll get an even better view of the zoo. No one will be blocking the view of your favorite animals!

The Arctic: There’s so much we can learn from the Arctic, but unfortunately, it’s just not feasible. You can still learn about the cool polar bears and their barren environment from the comfort of your own home.

polar bears

Pier House Resort & Spa: No spa day is complete without a beautiful, relaxing view. This webcam can take you and your kiddo on that perfect stay-cation with the soothing noises, sunsets, sailboats, and the ocean of the Florida Keys.