It’s no surprise that kids enjoy playing and being creative. Almost every craft is a learning opportunity, whether it be learning letters and numbers or just learning how to handle materials. These crafts also build your little one’s confidence knowing that they can handle their new skills. On top of that, they have an adorable craft getting them excited for the holiday coming up! All of these activities mentioned don’t need a lot of setup, but they have a lot of fun!

Fun Easter Activities For Kids 1
Headband Bunny Ears: This is a simple project with minimal supplies. All you need is a thin headband, pipe cleaners, colorful drinking straws, and scissors. You can use a hot glue gun if needed. Cut strips of straws to fit onto the pipe cleaners. Make them any size and use as many colors as you like. String them onto the pipe cleaners while forming them into bunny ears. Attach them to the headband by wrapping the pipe cleaners around the band. If needed, glue the pipe cleaners to the headband to secure it. Image from

Fun Easter Activities For Kids 2
Bunny Cup Decoration: Gather a Styrofoam or plastic cup, white cardstock, pink foam sheet, scissors, black marker, pen or pencil, and a hot glue gun. Form the white cardstock into large ears and the pink foam into smaller ears. Cut out a pink nose with the pink foam as well. Glue the pink ears to the white ears. After that, glue the ears and nose to the cup. Finally, with the marker draw on the bunny’s eyes, whiskers, and mouth. Image from

Fun Easter Activities For Kids 3
Bunny Clothespin: You’re going to need white paint, white cardstock, clothespin, paintbrush, pink marker, black pen, scissors, and a glue gun. Paint the clothespin with the white paint and let it dry. Cut a circle out of the white cardstock and make a bunny face with the pen. With the pink marker, create a nose on the bunny face as well as small triangles on clothespin ends. This will be the bunny ears. Finally, glue the face onto the clothespin. Image from

Fun Easter Activities For Kids 4
Wooden Chick Puppet: For this project, you’re going to need a wooden spoon, yellow paint, yellow feathers, wiggle eyes, orange craft foam, and glue. Paint the entire spoon leaving it to dry completely. Cut a triangle out of the orange foam, which will be the beak for your chick. Glue on the beak and the wiggle eyes. Finish it off by gluing the feathers all along the handle. Leave some of the handle at the bottom exposed so it can be held. Image from