Pre-K Counts Program


Ages 3-5
CLCLV is proud to announce through a partnership and collaboration with Lehigh Valley Children’s Center, Inc., an opportunity to provide Pre-K Counts to children and their families. This Pre-K Counts Program will offer any child at risk a high-quality pre-kindergarten program that will promote a healthy, safe environment in which children, families, and staff can thrive to reach their full potential.

*The Pre-K Counts Program runs during the academic calendar year (Monday – Friday, September – June), and children are selected based on age, income, developmental delays, and other risk factors.

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Classroom Goals

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Classroom Goals

Creative Learning Center offers a space for children to learn and grow through hands-on activity and interacting with their peers. You will observe the teachers guiding, observing, and evaluating your child’s development as all children are working at their own pace based on each individual child’s needs and abilities. Our classrooms are bright, welcoming, and covered in our students’ art. Apply for our Pre-K Counts Program today.

Learn More about Pre-K Counts

Interested in joining the Pre-K Counts program, but want to learn a little more? Take a look at the brochure and flyers we have linked below. If you have any further questions, please feel free to reach out to us at or give us a call.