Creative Ways To Entertain Your 2-Year-Old 1

Watching your son or daughter learn new things each day is rewarding in itself, but sometimes you run out of ideas. Entertaining a 2-year-old can be a little challenging. They’re learning with everything they do, and at times they can get easily distracted. The days where your child is uncontainable are why these activities are perfect. They’re simple to do and they don’t take a lot of materials. Check out some of these fun activities to keep your little one entertained!

Fork Painted Fish: You’re going to need white cardstock, washable paint, and plastic forks. For this project, cut the cardstock into a few fish (or, you can make them into whatever animal or object your child wants). With the paint, your child can create all kinds of designs with the fork from dragging, swirling, tapping, and more. They can use their fingers as well to create new swirls.

Paper Plate Birds: You’ll need paper plates or cardboard circles, cardstock for the beak, colored construction paper that’s thinly cut, googly eyes, craft feathers, paint, and glue. Folding the paper plate in half, let the kids paint their bird whichever colors they want. Once the paint is dry glue on the beak, feathers, and eyes. Next, glue on a few of the thin strips of construction paper for the tail.

Create A Color Wheel: Now is the perfect time to teach your little one colors. Get a large piece of paper to paint the basic colors of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple. Once the paint is dry, let your little one match up the colors with various toys and things around the house.

Sensory Paint Play: Get some bubble wrap, finger paint, glass gems, large pony beads, and other smaller items. Put them in a box or Tupperware dish and let your little one have fun squishing around the paint, popping the bubbles, and playing with the items.

Canvas Art: This one is going to get messy. Get any sized canvas. If it’s larger it might be best to have it outside. A smaller one will just need some newspaper underneath. Get some paint, brushes, sponges, etc. and let your kid get messy. Let them explore the colors and come up with designs all their own.