Today it is common to find many households where both partners are working, making it difficult to keep school-age kids entertained during school breaks. What should you do for long periods off from school to ensure your kids are being taken care of and having an enriching, educational, and entertaining time?

Good: It Takes A Village

Family and friends who also have young children to play with are a great option for childcare during school breaks. Your family and close friends count as your strongest support system. From the classic dropping the kids off at the grandparents for a date night to organizing play-dates with nearby friends who aren’t working on your busiest days, it takes a village to raise children during school breaks!

Better: School Break Vacation

If you have the spare time off at work, why not use school breaks as an opportunity? Summertime vacations are a staple in many families and even winter break trips to fun or exotic places can be a great opportunity for family bonding. The options are nearly endless and largely depend on what you and your children enjoy. From child-friendly museums to a day at the lake or the beach, nothing is out of bounds. Some parents even choose this time to take older, school-age kids on trips abroad and help make the world a little smaller while expanding horizons – a benefit your children will carry for the rest of their lives!

School Break

Best: Professional Childcare School Break Programs

Whether it’s a camp, a daycare, or a tutor, nothing beats professional childcare school break programs. Not all daycares or childcare facilities offer good programs and camps, which is why the Creative Learning Center of the Lehigh Valley is stringent on its program qualities. Our Teachers have exciting plans that will fill your child with fun learning activities in art, science, math, language, cooking, and fitness. This complete curriculum will give you peace of mind during long summer breaks, chilly winter breaks, and short spring breaks. Most adults don’t have as much time off of work as children, making quality childcare a necessity. We’re here to help! Each classroom posts plans for that week on their Parent Boards and notifies parents of any scheduled trips so you know exactly what’s going on at all times. 

However you choose to address childcare during your kids’ school breaks, we’ll be here for you for every-day support excluding major holidays. Unlike many daycares and childcare facilities that close for school breaks, we instead choose to continue offering our quality services to ensure your child is always learning in a fun way!