Activities To Get Your Little One Building 1

Do you have a little architect or builder at home who loves creating structures? Legos are popular to build with creating new and colorful structures and vehicles, but sometimes it’s a little too difficult for little hands to work with (and we all know the pain of finding a rogue Lego on the floor). There are several other ways of getting your little one building and problem solving that are much easier on their tiny fingers. Here are a few that are favorites among our kids.

Tool Coloring Pages: A great way to introduce your little one to various tools, especially if they’re preschool age, is to have a coloring page they can use to identify which tool is which. From a hammer, a wrench, pliers, screwdriver, and more. You can talk with them about each tool as they’re coloring it in so they start getting familiar with them. They have toy sets of these tools your little one can play with as they practice the names too!

Constructing Shapes: Once they get the basic shapes down, start teaching your little one 3D shapes. With some toothpicks and mini marshmallows, they can create cubes, prisms, pyramids, and many more. Also, sneaking a couple of marshmallows into your mouth will be mandatory for all parties involved.

Learning Vehicles: Construction vehicles are an important part of the building process. Similar to the first point, you can use coloring pages and toy vehicles to help them learn the equipment names and how their job is during the build.

  • Bonus Tip: There are so many kid songs and video clips that help children to learn the types of construction vehicles out there. And, they’re a huge hit among the little ones.


Create A Building Site: Create a neighborhood with finished and in-progress homes. They can use their new trucks and tools to “build” the new houses out of cardboard and crayons. They could even build the roads, street signs, and more!

Design A Home: If your child shows interest in the inside of the house, work with them to figure out the blueprint of each room, or even a brand new house they came up with. They can add in furniture, lighting, doors, windows, and more!