5 Best Educational Apps for Children 1

Portable electronic devices have found their use inside our homes, workplaces, and even schools. At this point, the younger generation is more tech-savvy than its predecessors. With the constant advancements in technology, this trend isn’t going to slow down. There are now more ways than ever to keep your child occupied in an educational format. It is never wise to use one of these devices as the replacement for human contact or real 1 on 1 parenting. However, there are some benefits to having educational material used often by your growing child.

Lingo Kids
A very popular app on the Apple app store roster. Lingo focuses on teaching the alphabet, new words, and new topics. This fun and effective app is great for children between the ages of 2 & 8 years old and is free.

Simply Piano
Having children start playing music at a young age is essential if they plan on being competent performers by the time they reach high school. Some learning methods can have a very immature take on beginner music. These methods can really turn both parents and children alike away from much of this material, and sometimes music in general. This app is different, it’s simple and effective for anyone of any age who is attempting to learn music as a new skill. This is a great app if you are a parent looking to have fun learning something new along with your child.

Epic Kids Book Reading
This on the go library of children’s books is great for busy parents who have the need to provide enriching material to their children while they pay bills or run errands around town. Epic Kids comes with 40,000 different titles and includes audiobooks for children who are just learning to read. Made for children 12 and under.

Math Duel
An android app made for seven-year-olds and above. This app will help prepare your child for the math he or she will experience at a scholastic level. With Math Duel, you can have head to head math competitions with your child to make sure the learning process is stimulating and fun.

Khan Academy Kids
Khan Academy is a highly reputable business, with real information, using real resources, and offered in a very streamlined user-friendly way. The children’s version is a great tool to get them introduced to the joys of expanding their minds in a way that is both fun and consistent. Consistency is what we are really in the market for these days and Khan is a great example of that.

All of these wonderful apps have been carefully developed with the goal of teaching your child in a fun and successful way. No matter what he or she may need some extra focus on, you will be sure to find it in the above list. Are you thinking about providing your child extra in-person attention? Do you need a responsible staff of adults to further aid the nurturing of your child while you work to provide them the best opportunities in life? If so, call the Creative Learning Center of the Lehigh Valley, we are happy to answer any questions you may have.