Hi Tamara,

I have to say that I am so impressed with the Forks Center. I want you to know that my experience at the Palmer location (in the short while we have been there), has been so great and it has surpassed our expectations. As I mentioned before, I think Forks needed a quality program that isn’t just another “early childhood facility” and more of a nurturing and family-oriented place where children learn. I think Creative Learning will be that :)

You run a tight ship and there is a sense of family with your staff. It’s refreshing! I will try my best to spread the word.

Anyhow…we thought about it more and I want to register Juliette and Joseph to start in Forks this June. Although it will be hard to leave Palmer friends/staff, it may be best to get the transition started sooner than later after all.

Let me know what you need me to fill out and maybe I can pass by Forks again tomorrow.



My 3 year old started at creative learning center today after switching from another center. He had such a great day! Teachers were very friendly and wrote a very detailed report of what he did during the day which I love. He is looking forward to his second day tomorrow!!

Lisa Conte – 5 star
November 12, 2014