Infant/Young Toddler Room

Early Learning Montessori School in Forks & Palmer Townships

Infant Care/Young Toddler Childcare- ages 6 weeks through 18 months.
CLCLV Infant area was designed to allow younger infants to explore their world in a warm and secure environment. Families are encouraged to develop their child’s daily schedule to guide staff through their day with naps, playtime, and bottle times to ensure consistency between their home schedule and CLCLV. We are part of PA Food Program (CACFP) and supply infant formula, baby food and we have a full menu on our first page of our website.
CLCLV Older Infant/Young Toddler area was designed for Infants that are beginning to move around and Young Toddlers the room to learn to walk at their own pace. These children are also learning the beginning stages of Montessori Theory so they become successful students as they grow and move into other classrooms.

You will observe:

  • Teachers sing songs and read stories to encourage development of language, (Circle Time).
  • Teachers holding and cuddling each infant while feeding.
  • Tummy time.
  • Talking to the children all day to encourage development of language, trust and security. Children will learn the Montessori Theory.
  • Creative Art.
  • A large play area for the children to move freely developing self help skills, sharing, gross motor skills
    all while having fun.
  • A quiet area for children to have a safe area to play and be loved.
  • Outside time for infants to explore the world around them, weather permitting.
  • Transition activities shared with each parent as your child develops new skills to move on to the next
    level of education.
  • Observations and Evaluations done on each child with 2 Parent Teacher Conferences yearly.
  • Written daily notes to each parent about your child’s day.

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