Before & After School Child Care in Easton, PA

Creative Learning Center of the Lehigh Valley, Inc. Palmer and Forks locations welcomes Before and After School Children from many local Elementary School.  This includes part day Kindergarten, First through Fourth Grade. We bus from Nazareth Area Schools, Lower Nazareth and Shafer Elementary.  Easton Area Schools,  Palmer Elementary and Tracy Elementary, Forks Elementary and Shawnee Elementary Schools.

Forks:  6:00-8:30 AM       Palmer 6:30-8:30 AM

Children walk in to a quiet atmosphere where they are settling in their environment awaiting breakfast.

After breakfast children will play quietly until it is time for their bus.  Teachers will escort each group of children to their specific bus.

Forks & Palmer 3:30-6:30 PM

Children are met outside at their bus and walked into the center by their teacher.  At that time children will wash their hands and have snack.  When snack is cleaned up children will start their homework.  Teachers are available to assistant children with homework.  Parents are encouraged to check all homework when your child gets home.  When homework is complete,  children will go outside for gross motor activities weather permitting.  If wintry or inclement weather, children will participate in challenging and fun activities planned by the teachers.  All lesson plans are posted weekly on Parent Boards in each classroom.