Montessori School in Easton, PA

Our curriculum is designed by the educators at CLCLV and is Theme/Art based. We partner with EASD and Nazareth Area School District along with utilizing PA Early Learning Standards to establish appropriate curriculum to prepare each child for higher education. We utilize child observations along with the child’s interest to help plan and guide the development of each child. Assessment tools used are OUNCE Scale and Work Sampling and or Ages and Stages. Educators will conduct assessments throughout the school year to determine the needs of each child. We connect with parents in Curriculum by Daily Sheets to parents; we post Lesson Plans and Parent Teacher Conferences throughout the school year.

Our Classrooms are set up in learning centers based on the key learning areas where children can be guided to work independently resulting in successful discovery which begins to develop positive self-image.

Our Environment is center based which allows the children to independently work and develop skills; based on the Montessori Method each child is encouraged to work at his/her own pace and will build self esteem by conquering the challenges of the work that is presented in each learning center.

Educators at CLCLV with a background in Early Childhood Education or a related field use their education and expertise to teach young children. Each educator is trained annually based on DPW and Keystone Stars guidelines.

Infant Care/Y Toddler Childcare ages 6 weeks Through 1st year

Toddler Care Childcare ages 1-2

Pre-School I Childcare ages 2-3

Pre-School II Childcare ages 3-4

Pre-School III Childcare ages 4-5

School Age Full Day Kindergarten/Before & After School/ Summer

CLCLV will assist with homework for school age children however parents are responsible for checking homework, studying spelling words or studying for tests and signing homework. Please make sure folders are checked every night by parents
There will be (3) Parent/Teacher Conferences held annually, each November and April, as well as a 45 day evaluation done on the 45th day of enrollment. You will have time to sit down with your child’s Teacher and discuss observation, development, etc. You will see signup sheets in your child’s room on your child’s Parent Board to do a face to face conference or phone conference for parents who cannot make it in. *Discussion regarding any behavioral issues that have developed in the Classroom as well as any development delays discovered during assessment. The Director/Assistant Director may be in attendance if such discussion occurs.

CLCLV – Daily Schedule

6:30-7:30 amCenter Opens-Small Group Play
7:30-8:30 amBreakfast
8:30-9:00 amFree Play
9:00-11:00 amCircle Time/Arts and Crafts
11:00 amOutside Activity/Indoor Gross Motor
11:30 amLunch
12:30 pmQuiet Time
3:00 pmChildren wake up/Clean up from nap
3:30 pmSnack
4:00 pmPhysical Education Activity/Center Play
6:30 pmCenter Closed
Center Hours

*The center will be open Monday through Friday.
*Our hours of business in Palmer is  6:30 am until 6:30 pm.  Forks 6:00 am until 6:30 pm.

Inclement Weather Information

CLCLV’s policy is too remained opened even when public schools are closed. If there are extremely hazardous driving conditions, announcements for late openings, early dismissals or the possibility of closing the Center, will be made on WFMZ Channel 69 News and Facebook.