Indoor Winter Activities with Your Kids

22 Jan

When the snow gets icy and playing outside becomes more and more difficult we all start toWinter snowman craft look for inside activities we can do with our kids that helps everyone get their energy out. It can be tough to find thing to do that won’t always be a big trip. So what do you do to make sure your kids have a variety of things to do? Well make a winter Jar!

A winter jar is something that you can decorate with your kids and fill with pieces of paper that have activities to do during the winter. To create your own you will want to get a container to decorate. A tin pail or glass jars are perfect. To decorate pull and peel window paint is great for this, because each sibling can have his or her own work area and place the design on the jar when everything is dry. Another fun idea is to do a collage. Lay out some newspaper or a disposable table cloth and have your children find and cut out pictures from old magazines, newspapers or make their own designs out of colored paper, while you finish the collage glue. To make collage glue at home, mix 9 oz of unflavored gelatin and 6 tablespoons of cool water at least an hour ahead of time.  Once this mixture has soften and gelatinized slightly you will add ¾ cup of hot skim milk (about a minute in the microwave), and stir this until smooth. Test that this is cool enough to handle and have your kids lay their pictures in the glue on both sides and stick it to your jar or pail.

While your project is drying create activity slips or sticks that you will pull out and do. If your children can write the activities divide up slips of paper or popsicle sticks and get everyone to start coming up with ideas of what everyone wants to do. You can include a few trip ideas if you want but then you will want to draw the activity the day before so that you have time to plan. This can be good if you’re including treats to make like cookies, this lets you get your ingredients too. Aim for 50 activities, but don’t worry if you run low or you won’t get through everything, you can add more as you get ideas or have left overs.

Now finish your winter jar and fill it. You’re ready for some fun that you can have while it’s too cold to go out. Enjoy your winter fun!

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